Citroen GS restoration

This is the story of “Jesse”, our beloved 1975 Citroen GS 1.2 Club and its long, love laden, restoration.

  • Citroen GS restoration blog
    Well, it wasnt all plaing sailing, as it wasnt just splapping a coiat of paint and pushing the car out of the door, it was a labour of love. As previously noticed this project started based on really good bones, the car was driveable, and rust was “mostly” under control.The previous owner did well with… Read more: Citroen GS restoration blog
  • Citroen GS turns 50!
    My classic is celebrating 50!I wish you many more marvellous years of driving delight, original design, bucket load of character and the best ride of any car.Just think about it.. 50 years.. what else today has 50 years of service..(ah, yes it can drive on just 3 wheels, but usually i prefer all 4 installed)… Read more: Citroen GS turns 50!
  • The beginning of a wonderful friendship
    Finally I came home, its been a long weekend to get my latest pride and joy. Let me tell you a tale of an old car, a dog, two blokes, and a journey of 1100km through a country that looks like one big yogurt commercial, its a story about resolve, stupidity, and passion.. As some… Read more: The beginning of a wonderful friendship

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