Citroen CX Restoration

After a year long, Europe wide, search for a suitable Citroen CX candidate for restoration, I came across this 1986 CX Break 2.5TD Turbo 2.
So, as I mentioned one million times before, I am quite a Citroen fan, to me the DS as the epiphany of class and style, and a lifetime desire to own one, failing to find a decent example to suit my budget constrains, I decided to go one step forward, or is it backward? no, definitely forward..
Anyway, I managed to see a bunch of CXs, overpriced and barely operational, traveling along Hungary, just to have a CX pop up in the classifieds a few km’s from home. Couldn’t resist checking it – I found a neglected intended restoration project, A car that saw so little care and attention, full of rust, and although promised to be a runner, failed to deliver, even though it was actually parked at a service garage.
Since I am a risk-taker, I bided on the low side and struck a deal.
The next day, this vehicle who didn’t move by itself for two year and “Qualified” technician announced dead, Sprung back to life, as its a mechanical diesel theres very little to go wrong.
Since March 2019, I have this (rust) bucket of magnificence waiting to get my attention. Soon its restoration will commence.

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