A risk worth taking

Taking risks is a vital part of any progress.
Perhaps its too big endecour, only time will tell.
Today I took home a 1986 Citroen CX, a station wagon version, with 2.5TD engine.
I bought it for practicly nothing, but with substantial risks:
* the car has substantial rusts, on the frame, sills, doors, you name it.. its got it.
* The garage couldnt make it start, even with a brand new battery it wouldnt crank, as they mentioned. Since thats the case I couldnt varify anything else, brakes, suspension, engine, gearbox – all had a big question mark about them.
This said, its a CX, it was made in times where mechanics was done properly. I had no doubt about its good bones under the corroded neglected exterior.

This morning, I took my Partner, packed it full of the workshop tools, enough diesel for a army tank, batteries, etc.
First it didn’t crank, but the fault was intermittent, and I found several bad connection, and voila! It started right up!
Everybody from the adjacent businesses came to celebrate, I didnt have too much time, since the vehicle condition is not known, I took it for a test drive, found it to be responsive, brakes well.
AND now its home! What a joy and a sign of relief..

I shall start the renovation as soon a possible, I decided to buy a MIG welder for that, as TIGing everything will take too long.

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