Improved 1.6HDi turbo oil feed – DV6 engines

* Disclaimer – In my experience the following solution works, please follow carefully and use the information here with care and check applicability – the writer assumed no responsibility to any damage arising from following this bulletin.

The following information is applicable to DV6(9HZ,9HY,9HX,9HT) Peugeot/Citroen derived 1.6HDi engine, installed also on many Minis, Fords and Suzukis – 75-109HP engines.

These engines have a known fault with troublesome turbo oil feed circuit – on many vehicles the solid oil feed pipe tends to leak intermittently. the reason being its design with a single o-ring seal at each one of the banjos – sealing a free floating banjo to the pipe.

Solution is to install a steel braided PTFE oil feed pipe. design attached here – LINK.
Please note that the sealing crush washers at both sides of the banjo need to be 0.5mm thicker in most applications.
make sure the oil feed banjo bolt at the base of the block is free from obstructions – it includes a small plastic oil strainer in the shaft ID.


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