My name is Daniel Turchin-Muzykant, I am a Mechanical engineer, fabricator and inventor.
Since 2017, I was involved with dozens of projects, and research efforts with some leading European companies and universities, mainly in the automotive field, as well as energetics, environmental and industrial technologies.
Currently, I am based Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the heart of Europe – Here alongside my workplace, at “Elaphe propulsion technologies”, I spend my time developing new and innovative technologies and solutions.

This website is a show of my work, abilities, skills and experience, to better present what I can contribute and inspire others.
Its important to mention that the shown materials are personal, and does not include any contracted work I’ve done.
Additionally , I’ve added some of my thoughts, on other subjects as history, technological trends, and more.
Feel free to contact with related topics, suggesting work and new challenges.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke