Constantly brainstorming and concepting new ideas on a broad front of applications, some projects are patent applied/pending.
Personal projects under development:

Project nameStatusNext stepPartners
Multi-cyclonic Diesel PM separatorActive , Tested
Concept proved
V1 – 28% eff.
Redesign – Horizontal-multistageEnergotest kft.
Szent Istvan Uni.
Szeged Uni.
Unified modular EV battery architectureActive, ConceptedDesign finalizationSzent Istvan Uni.
Road in built up areas surface heat recovery using embeded Thermoelectric elementsActive
Small scale prototypeSzent Istvan Uni.
EGR system alternatives for small size DieselActive
Tested small scale
Dynamic, road going testSzent Istvan Uni.
Regenerative air-braking for HGV and Rail use Active
Waiting for R&D partnerWaiting for partner
DI engines intake valves self-cleaning and NOx reduction using recovered heatActive
Small 4T engine prototype Waiting for partner

Multi-Cyclonic Diesel PM separator
Preliminary prototype, prove of concept. Carried out during COVID lockdown – Apr. 2020.
Tested in SZIE university, in the Automotive lab (EU Certified, Energotest equipped), Versus no treatment and OE DPF system.
Using rolling road dyno, AVL PM counter and Hella-Gutmann OBD Suite.
Test vehicle, Euro4 2008 Citroen C4 Grand-Picasso, 1.6HDi, 109HP. Before testing – Intake system cleaned, EGR system blanked-off + Engine ECU EGR system switched off for testing period (EGR may skew results between runs).
Tests carried out at 30 – 70-100 km/h, City/Extra urban/Highway.