Engineering tools
Solidworks CAD/CAM, simulation.
PTC Creo CAD/CAM, piping, wiring, simulation.
Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD/CAM, simulation.
ANSYS – experience with FEM, CFD/Fluent simulations.

Welder, Machinist and Fabricator
TIG/MIG/FLUX/Electrode(SMAW) welding, all positions welding.
Conventional machining – lathe, mill, shaper, surface grinder, etc.
Automated manufacturing with CNC, Plasma/Water jet/Laser cutting, additive manufacturing (FDM,SLS)

Personal workshop at the ready for small-medium projects(located in Budapest,Hungary), including:

  • 250A MIG(GMAW) – CO2, C25, steel / stainless-steel, Al (spool-gun), and flux-core.
  • 220A AC/DC pulse TIG(GTAW) using Ar, and Ar+He mixes – stainless steel, steel alloys, Al , Ti. SMAW capable.
  • Gigs, fixtures and rotary table for special welding requirements.
  • 50A plasma cutter
  • 3-axis Milling machine
  • 550x220mm manual lathe
  • Prusa mk3 clone – PETG,ABS,HIPS,PLA
  • Drill press
  • 30-Ton hydraulic press
  • Bending and shaping tools.
  • Soda and sand blasting

Automotive diagnostics, repair and restoration:

  • Expertise with classic and modern Citroen/Peugeot cars, lots of special tools for the brand.
  • Expert for Hydropneumatic systems, automatic and robotised gearboxes – EGS/Sensodrive.
  • Fabricator of exotic/not available parts for classic cars.
  • bodywork, rust/metal repair, and painting(to some degree)