“Engineer of the Year” 2022

I am deeply honoured to be the recipient of the “engineer of the year 2022” at Elaphe propulsion technologies, where I am working.
That said, this achievement is the final result of a long team-effort encompassing many great minds I have the delight to work with.

Here is what elaphe had to say:

Daniel Turchin-Muzykant has been with us since late 2021, from the start excelling in his work and generating great results in the field of his work in the Production Department, here in Elaphe.

His great teamwork, proactivity, positive attitude and excellence in his work were publicly recognized. He was awarded 3-times for the Engineer of the week (EOW) award.

Till today, he has been working on several projects lined up for start-of-production (SOP) where Daniel is directly responsible for some of the truly impactful results and is among the most deserving team members!

He has been working on building and optimizing assembly lines, contributing to some serious processes, quality improvements, and much more.

That being said, Daniel has been awarded a new category award.
He was given the title of 2022 Elaphe Engineer of the year, showing consistent excellence and delivery the whole year round.

To celebrate the occasion, the team gathered around an authentic Slovenian »Kraški pršut« (air-cured ham or prosciutto) to end the year in style.

We salute Daniel for his outstanding work and warm and positive work ethic!

Daniel, we are honoured to have you on the team!”

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