I am an experienced hands-on mechanical engineer, with various other competences:
  • Innovating, concepting and development of new products and systems.
  • Mechanical design, simulation, testing – CAD/CAM (SolidWorks, PTC CREO, Ansys, Autocad, Fusion360 and Siemens NX).
  • Manufacturing processes and outsourcing (CNC, Machining, Laser/Waterjet, Additive manufacturing, Plastic injection). Ad-hoc process assessment and problem solving.
  • Automation system design, PLC programming.
  • Power Hydraulic and Pneumatic system design and build.
  • Machine design and construction.
  • Implementation guidance, supervision, diagnostics, and problem solving.
  • Repair, modernization, retrofitting and modifications of existing equipment according to customer needs.
  • Technical sales and customer service.

That included mainly the automotive, industrial, and energetic sectors, but I was also involved in many bespoke projects of diverse disciplines, including HVAC, Industrial machinery, electric and ICE motors and powertrains.

2019-2023 MSc Mechanical Engineering – Technical development, at Szent Istvan Uni. Godollo, Hungary.
2016-2020 BSc Mechanical Engineer – Machine production technologies, at Szent-Istvan University of Godollo, Hungary.
Lecturer at university events, founder of PSI engineering students society.

Senior Mechanical engineer at Elaphe Propulsion technologies d.o.o – since 2021
Mechanical engineer at Energotest Kft. – 2017-2021
Airline security professional – 2014-2018
Mechanical workshop manager – 2009-2013

My passion with engineering and mechanics started early in my life, and since my childhood, throughout my 20’s I have been involved in a numerous technical activities, both as a technician and as an engineer.
All considered, I have 15 years of hands on work experience, and many self-taught skills.
I am capable of thorough analysis, problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking, keen on opportunities to innovate, concept and create cutting edge solutions and products, as well as difficult and interesting challenges.

Currently I devote my free time restoring classic cars and motorbikes, including remanufacturing unavailable parts and retrofitting new technologies. I possess a very well capable workshop at home, with machining, welding, and finishing facilities, also suitable for fast prototyping.

As a side note, being a long time French car fan, owning many Citroen and Peugeot modern and classic cars over the years, I have a plethora of knowledge and experience, as well as their common systems such as Hydropneumatic suspensions and Robotised gearboxes.