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Well, it wasnt all plaing sailing, as it wasnt just splapping a coiat of paint and pushing the car out of the door, it was a labour of love.

As previously noticed this project started based on really good bones, the car was driveable, and rust was “mostly” under control.
The previous owner did well with keeping the car in check, but as this is a keeper, I decided to do some changes to keep the car useable in our modern way of life:
1. I have changed the points ignition to a hall sensor electronic one.
2. The separate voltage regulator with a 30A alternator was changed to a 60A modern combined unit.
3. Sound system that was installed by the previous owner was tidied up, with the antenna going in a less conspicuous place, the Speakers getting their places too, not harming the doors or the dash, and finally the radio was wired to a DIN plug, thus can be used with any modern HIFI unit.
4. Gearbox, that was upgraded by the previous owner to the GSA’s 5 speed variant(which is slightly longer, 25mm) gave problems with the shifting mechanism and pattern was too forwards, thus I modified the shifting rod.
5. Front undertray, that was completely and thoroughly corroded, was replaced with a GSA one, that was less corroded, paint+rust removed, treated, repainted and modified to fit so the grill will sit 8mm forward, to allow for more space between the engine fan cowling and the front bezel.
6. Wiring loom got new spade/multi post connectors at obscure places, not to harm originality but to aid with reliable, water proof connection.
7. The underside, wheel arches were treated with bitumen based corrosion protection, cavities getting a shower of wax protectant.
8. Electric fuel pump with a 555 timer set to 10s, was fitted to the fuel circuit to prime the main pump to ease on first start after long periods of not being used. the carburettor fuel bowl runs dry and it needs unnecessary long crank, making it sound really old fashioned. Now starts on the first turn, every time.
9. Headlamps rewired with removeable Y-pigtails, including relays to reduce wear on the lights switch, and for better current supply.
10. Exhaust muffler was changed to a standard Citroen C1/P107/Aygo type, to allow for future use of these components, as the original muffler isn’t available anymore.
11. Eventually the car is planned to have a hot-swappable fuel injection bespoke kit. to be used on a daily basis, with integrated ECU, HP fuel pump and Lambda circuit to trim the fuel, to improve emissions and reduce fuel consumption (its ridiculously low – 6L/100km, but can be better).
As one can gather, the modernization mods were done in a way that will keep the originality of the car and could be removed if preferred later on.

ho never worked on an air-cooled engine, would need explaining, but the elegance of the simplicity in design, the sound and NVH of its running are just fantastic crisp mechanical.

Photos coming soon.

Engine bay restoration

Engine restoration

Body and doors rust repair and respray

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