The beginning of a wonderful friendship

Finally I came home, its been a long weekend to get my latest pride and joy.

Let me tell you a tale of an old car, a dog, two blokes, and a journey of 1100km through a country that looks like one big yogurt commercial, its a story about resolve, stupidity, and passion..

As some of you know, I have a bit of a a soft heart for Citroens, especially old ones.. Since long ago I wanted to buy and restore a classic one, but it was always too far, too expensive and too troubled, until now. About half a year ago, I came across an ad for just such a car, but it was 500+km away, in Slovenia, and that time, on the higher side of my budget, thinking it will be sold until I will get my thoughts right I didn’t bother.
Time passed and from time and again I come across the same ad, that’s until I decided to take a chance and go see it, two weeks ago on a cloudy winters Sunday.
I found an amazing example, and a wonderful owner who believes, like me that cars have souls. we struck a deal.
The car was standing for 14 years.. but it spoke to me.. and I felt it wants to come home on its wheels more than a trailer, thus we decided to meet in a week, freshen the important bits on it then take it though the export sale process.

One week later, I came there with a great mate, Hakan √únal, my Golden-retriever Gaya for mental support and a car full of tools, to do just that, taking a 44 years old car, and making sure it will survive the 550km journey.
Through some initial issues, easily solved, and 550km later – I am the proud owner of a beautiful and characterful, 1975 Citroen GS 1,2 Club in Orange.
Would welcome anyone to come enjoy it with us.

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