New project – a (very) neglected 1978 VW Golf

So.. I believe its not a mistake, but it might be – I bought a 1978 VW Golf Mk1 Automatic!

The treasure in all its (rusty) glory

Why? My wife absolutely adores this model, and dreams are meant to become reality, So here’s a mechanical engineer version of a new years gift.
Its very poorly.. (the car that is.. my wife’s fine) Almost nothing is working, it has more rust then metallic alloys on it, the engine is the most sorry looking mechanical thing I ever saw, It leaks from absolutely everywhere.
BUT – its a rescue mission, so one can’t compare- this is the patient and we must treat its condition.

Well the engine is still there, and that’s a start..

The upcoming plan – A documented restoration project, from rust to prestine:
* The basics – Make it moveable – brakes, electrics, engine, suspension.
* Make it sound – lots of angle-grinder work to get the rust worm damage out and MIG weld some new steel back in.
* Make it last – Rust and future proofing.
* Make it shine – full respray, 2K Burothane finish in the original colour.
* Make it drive – register it as an Oldtimer, and let wifey enjoy it.. its her car actually.

So if you find this to your fancy, stay tuned to the upcoming project, documented on its own site, when we will decide on a name for this monstrosity.

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