Engineer of the week!

I am proud to share that I was awarded “Engineer of the Week” award by my employer – “Elaphe propulsion technologies”.
Here is what they had to say:

In Elaphe, we are glad to give out the “Engineer of the week” award to team members who continue to innovate and go to extra lengths in solving a challenge.

📢 Today, this post is a shoutout to Daniel Turchin-Muzykant, an engineer who first went through the hustle of changing his location of stay (for joining our story!) to adapting quickly and now, after 2 months in the company, already producing great results.

EOW award was given to him for completing the task of optimising a certain assembly machine. His work resulted in a motor which was first only nearly reaching the requirements to now surpassing them easily. This is huge!

When it comes to our technology and the goals we want to reach, it is all about the details!

We are grateful for our competent team who are in charge of our growth and contribute daily.

And as Daniel said upon receiving the award: “The culture in Elaphe is especially positive, making me want to contribute – in a long run.”

Daniel, thank you for joining the team! 😊

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