Engineer of the week!

I am proud to share that for the second time I am awarded Engineer of the week award by my employer.
Thats what they had to say:

Daniel is one of the guys who is known for his positivity and his hands-on approach to any task he works on.

Contributing to some serious process and quality improvements, with a track record of great results, Daniel Turchin-Muzykant was nominated an #Engineer of the week (EOW) for many weeks of high dedication, unlimited motivation and drive to complete the task for the customer project success and company’s growth.

Daniel is a very positive guy with great energy and a pleasure to work with. He is part of Elaphe for only 8 months but has been already nominated for EOW twice which says a lot.

Always on the lookout for ways he can contribute, being part of the Production development team, for the past weeks, he has been working on building and optimizing assembly lines (and many more activities), with SOPs lined up these activities being both our responsibility and an honour to work on.

Daniel, it is hard to meet a person who touches so many technical areas with the same energy and positivity as you do. And all that 24/7!. We are glad to have you on the team! 😊

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