COVID-19 Initiative – Mechvent3D/Medicavent

Originally posted on Facebook on 17/03/20, leading to the formation of a development team to produce a printable, off-the-shelf components based mechanical ventilator for COVID patients, during the first outbrake of the pandemic, that featured an acute shortage in these devices, and their core components worldwide.

(please share) In regards to CoViD-19,
The world needs mechanical ventilators, that is in the base of dealing with the disease, globally the production of conventional units is around 40-50k a year, not enough.
I want to suggest a 3D printable mechanical ventilator, that can be printed in tens of thousands of copies a month by any company with compatible 3D printers, thus closing the gap on the scarcity or these machines in hospitals and saving lives, supposedly many.
These last days I am working on a prototype, i believe that only the combined effort of many people can make this come true in time to be relevant for this pandemic, I urge any other partner or factor who can make this idea come to life faster, please become involved.
The idea is for a simple ventilator machines 90% 3D printed parts, the rest is of the shelf motors and fittings. capable of 12 breaths/min, 0.5-0.6L per breath, 20-25cmH20 of pressure. Two one-way valves, pressure relief valve, a simple humidifier and water traps, and a bellow operated by a DC electric motor and control via cams.
So please share this idea freely to your friends and networks.

Feel free to contact me.
Daniel Turchin-Muzykant.

The photo attached below is of an early mostly mechanical prototype, made out of basic pneumatic plumbing, flexible airducts, Arduino 2560, solenoid valves and stepper motors

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